classical high school

Cicily was fortunate to have attended Classical High School in Springfield, Massachusetts during the early 1960s, a time when that city had one of the finest public school systems in the country. Presently the high school dropout rate in Springfield is over 50%. Having lived on three continents and in many parts of the United States, she now finds herself settled two blocks from the school which provided the foundation for all she has done since. She spends a great deal of time thinking about the changes in her city, especially in the educational system, and what might be done to give Springfield's current students the rich experience she enjoyed.

She has therefore begun work on a multimedia project focused on her senior homeroom, which was made up of staff members of Classical's The Recorder newspaper. Virtually every classmate has had a stellar career in his or her chosen field. Room 206, class of 1965, has produced neurologists, pediatricians, lawyers, professors, journalists, artists, musicians, designers, architects, directors, CEOs, and teachers. The Homeroom project will highlight the achievements of this group, examine the factors which contributed to their success, suggest what went wrong, and offer solutions for the future.

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