Building a business on the web requires the same team as in the "real" world:

• a realtor, to find property for purchase.

• an architect, to draw up the plans.

• a construction crew, to build the structure.

• an interior designer, to furnish it.

• a marketing rep, to draw people to the business.

• a maintenance crew, to keep everything in good working order.

A good web design firm rolls all these services into one package. Usually, however, a web "designer" is working strictly from templates. The customer provides an already-created logo (from a business card perhaps) along with written content and photos. If the customer doesn't have these items, the firm may provide them, for a charge. Often, however, the graphics are just stock photos, the logo is from a template, and the copy is poorly written. Most web designers are not dandy writers! They don't know how to write tight, focused, error-free prose. They don't know how to hook readers, anticipating their questions and answering them clearly.

An outstanding web design firm creates custom content of stellar quality. The client comes away with more than just a terrific site…he's got branding, graphics and written content he can use over and over again, in places besides the Internet. Maybe he didn't have those items before, or maybe what the web design firm has given him is much better than what he started out with: a logo, a mission statement, profiles of company leaders, a company history, product descriptions and other written content which can be used for advertisements, brochures, posters, mailings, and so on. The client may come away with a clearer idea of the unique strengths of his business, enabling him to market himself more effectively.

And let's not forget…maintenance! That's the boring part, and most people don't do well with boring. A professional presence on the web, however, requires pristine maintenance. That means checking for dead links, answering email inquiries, keeping calendars and contact information up to date, posting new blog entries, and continually uploading fresh content so that site visitors will want to return. An outstanding web design firm will maintain a close working relationship with its client, not only keeping the client's site in good working order, but expanding and improving it as time goes on.

Basic Package:

A simple site that incorporates your own logo, copy, and images. We'll work with you to select the best Content Management System (CMS) framework and then install it for you at your own registered url.

Included in this plan:

•securing/registering your custom domain name and a linked email account at your website address

•security: domain privacy, SiteLock security software

•preliminary setup of your CMS framework to include home page and up to three extra pages (any additional pages can be added for $200 per page)

•arranging your copy, images, and logo to fit the look and feel of your website

Price $535

Custom Package:

We will do the same as above, but will take the burden off of you for design work, copywriting, and image acquisition. You'll have opportunity to consult with us about branding, a portfolio of options from which to choose, and a site which is search engine optimized (SEO).

Starting prices are as follows:

• Basic package options: $535

• Custom logo design: $250

• Research and copywriting: $200/page

• Photography/Art: varies

• Social Media Marketing: $195

More information and exact quotes can be obtained by contacting us directly with your ideas and questions.